Temperate zones in the state vary and dictate which crops are best suited for which areas of the state. The networks value will show in the ability to exchange goods and services for products that may be available in one area but not another. The variety of the climate and the prolonged growing season make it very likely that a good stock of crops could be realized year around. Those areeas further in land could profit from the use of some underground facilities which we have outlined in our archive with construction plans.


Community Gardens, though they would require guards and patrolling, would be an excellent source of food and a wonderful vehicle for exercise. This is an opportunity for children to get involved and be a part of the community, and would fall under the authority of the “Keepers” who guard the homestead and protect those who live an work in the main compound that houses the people who are members of the group.

All the different groups scattered throughout the state can agree to grow such products as best suit their areas and the temperatures that they experience, and use them as a form of trade between communities to help foster social relations. This would be an excellent means of using the needs of the people to bolster the social agreements with the people and on some occasions even be a worthwhile reason for a gathering of clans to celebrate with group dinners and celebrations.