The Map Room provides a series of different pages with maps of the state of North Carolina that are linked to specific strategies involved in our effort.

1. Topographical maps provide a sense of elevation which affect such issues as travel and communication. Communications that    pass between groups at higher elevations will have a farther reach due to the fact that elevation will allow radio signals to pass over ground clutter and traffic. Travel planning that involves moving up in elevation will take more time and supplies for those making the trip. These are just a couple of examples.

2. Cities and Roads define the lifeline from which we are working to develop our organization as well as providing a line of progress detailing cities in which we want to be able to develop network modules to add to our group. This will provide a good way for all of us to be able to track and understand our progress as well as plan for future meetings.

3. Water is the source of life and it is required to sustain us, to feed any livestock, and to grow out food. This page will help understand more about ground water and the water table as well at the river basins and water ways and how they traverse the state. Where roads may not be available for passage, rivers make a great secondary road system.

4. Finally, Agriculture is a subject we all have to be concerned with because if there is a catastrophic event the food chain will very likely be cut and survival will depend on being able to take advantage of all factors that are part of knowing how to grow food locally.


Use this resource freely and expect that it will be added to over time and as needs require. As long as we have the Internet we will use it to our best advantage. That advantage helps us achieve our goals much in a much more informed manner and adds to the survival chances of any associate with us.


The Map Room